Start your WordPress blog

Start a WordPress blog - The Stylish Blog

So you want to start a blog and you’ve actually been planning it already: you know what you’ll be blogging about, have a few name ideas and even have a few blog posts waiting to be published!
But then you got a bit lost and weren’t sure what the next step was.

Don’t wait any longer, here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started!

  1. Choose a domain name
    First things first, you need to find a name for your blog. Make sure it’s something we can remember and spell easily (think of your readers). Once you chose a name, purchase the corresponding domain name ( from a hosting company, like Bluehost.
  2. Get a web hosting
    Now that you have your domain name, you need a hosting plan. It’s like the home of your blog. In the U.S., Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting company amongst WordPress bloggers because it’s user-friendly, secure and affordable. Also Bluehost offers you a free domain name with the purchase of a hosting plan!
  3. Install WordPress
    Don’t worry if you’re not tech-savy, it’s usually a 1-click installation process. All you need is your blog’s name, a username and a password. Follow the steps provided by your hosting company. After the installation is completed, you’ll be able to log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  4. Choose a WordPress theme
    It’s about dressing up your blog. Don’t know what kind of theme to choose? Just keep things simple, especially in the beginning. I highly recommand you to choose an easy-to-use theme with mobile and clean design. You can pick a sleek WordPress blog theme here on the shop and then customize it to match your branding.
  5. Launch your blog and celebrate!
    Now you’re all set up to publish a few blog posts and make your blog go live! Let the world know about it by using social media. And please keep me in the loop by following @thestylishblog on Instagram. Let’s stay connected!

Happy blogging!